Multi anchor plate according to EN 795B specifically designed to be used in pairs, creating redundant multiple anchor elements. A double plate = 2 x EN 795B anchor elements. It allows joining 2 independent work lines, 2 anchors, 2 systems, etc. in one element while maintaining redundancy.

Specifically designed for rope access and rescue work.



Thanks to its low section we will have 2 EN 795B plates with the thickness of an old simple plate.


Its rounded edges allow better support for the connectors, bringing the stress point closer to the longitudinal axis of the connector.


You will no longer have to think about adding another element to your plate to maintain double security.


– Breaking load: 70KN (2 x 35KN)

– Weight: 150g.

-Union of plates using screws that allow visual inspection of each of the plates separately

-The plates are only supplied in pairs