Cookies Policy

1.- What is a cookie?
A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when you access certain web pages. Cookies allow a web page, among others, to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a User or their equipment and, depending on the information they contain and the way their equipment is used, they can be used to recognise the Username. Cookies do not contain any kind of specific personal information and most of them are deleted from the hard drive at the end of the browser session (so-called session cookies).
Most browsers accept cookies as standard and, regardless of them, allow or prevent temporary or stored cookies in the security settings.

2.- Why does PROTECTTION use cookies?
We use cookies in order to improve your User experience, and therefore they are an important part of how our Website works. Among other purposes, they can be used to remember certain aspects of your last search so that subsequent searches are faster.

3.- What information is stored in a cookie?
The information that a cookie usually stores is not considered sensitive information, it does not store data such as bank details, identification numbers or emails. The User is not identified as a person, but the web server associates them with their web browser.

4.- What are own and third-party cookies?
– Own cookies: Those that are sent to the User from a computer or domain managed by us

– Third party cookies: Those generated by external services or providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. They will also collect information for statistical purposes, use of the site by the User and for the provision of other services related to the activity of the Website and other internet services.

5.- What type of cookies can this website use?
Session cookies: Session cookies are memorised and are only valid temporarily, that is, until the User finishes browsing the web page. These cookies do not permanently record any information on your computer’s hard drive.

Browser cookies: the main aim of browsing cookies is to avoid offering you recommendations that are not related to your interests and to offer you targeted and personalised commercial proposals.

These browsing cookies base their usefulness on the temporary monitoring of internet browsing.

Statistical cookies: statistical cookies allow the following information to be known:

– The way users interact on the website.

– Collecting information anonymously.

– Reporting website trends without identifying individual Users.

To compile statistics on the use of our Website, we use statistical tools with a scope limited to the functions described in the previous paragraph and in order to know the level of recurrence of our visitors and the content that is most interesting. In this way we can concentrate our efforts on improving the most visited areas and making it easier for the User to find what they are looking for.

How can I delete the cookies?
You can reject the processing of data or information collected by cookies at any time, by configuring the options of your internet browser. You can allow, block (generally or specifically for a specific domain) or delete the cookies installed on your computer.

However, this could affect the optimal navigation of our Website, since some functionalities would be deactivated, and the display of some tools could be impaired.

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6.- The User expressly accepts, by using this Website, the treatment of the information collected in the manner and for the aforementioned purposes. And in the same way recognises the possibility of rejecting the processing of data or information, rejecting the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings for this purpose in your browser. However, this option to block cookies in your browser may not allow you to fully use all the functionalities of the Website.